Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hey everybody!

Thanks for remembering that it was my birthday on Saturday and saying happy birthday to me! Love you too, guys!

*hides in a corner where the unlove can only come from TWO directions.*

No, really, it's okay. Only one of my siblings called me, so they're all on my List, and I'm sure you all know which List I'm talking about. (It should be noted that another one actually came to Glenwood with us and bought me a cake, so she's off my List.)


Michelle 2021 said...

Sour grapes. Like I read minds. Earth to Spencer: Happy Birthday!!

jeremy said...

Could a comment contain all the unholy expression that is the choir singing happy birthday, I would write such a message here.

Michelle 2021 said...

"Pitch optional."

Awright13 said...

I had no idea your b-day was Saturday! I'm sorry. Hey, could you or someone, re-give me your address for the mish? I think it ended up in a box...inside a box...ya so that address...?

Laverna said...

I remember looking at your mission address (that you had written in my brain/planner) on your birthday, but obviously I forgot to wish you a happy birthday. Perhaps you can just take one of those hearts you got in your car (I'm sure you'll be finding them for weeks yet) and pretend it was from me.

Maybe I'll send you a package full of hearts and balloons in a year. *evil cackle*