Friday, June 27, 2008


Today was an interesting day, filled with many and varied adventures.

It began at 5:00am, when I awoke to prepare to go to the temple at 7:00. The temple was marvelous. I decided not to wear my ankle brace to keep things uncomplicated, and it actually didn't hurt too much. It was really nice to get back to the temple, and wouldn't you know it, I totally learned something.

It continued with a trip up to my brother-in-law's office at Farmington to pick up passes for free tickets to tomorrow's Blaze game, and then a trip down to the Delta Center Energy Solutions Arena box office to redeem said pass. That's right, I have two free tickets to the 18th row of the first round of the AFL playoffs. Nice. (Anybody want the other one? I'm sure we'll find good use for it if not, but y'know.)

Then we find me back at home base for a quick lunch, then going out with the missionaries. I know, I'm such a sucker for missionary work right now. The appointment went well, it was with a nice lady named Dora from Guatemala. The one elder, Elder Parkes, is pretty cool, but the other, Elder Downing, is very quiet and reserved. Probably just because Elder Parkes is more outgoing. But anyway.

When I returned from my missionarying, I found a UPS InfoNotice on the door. Apparently they had tried for the second time to deliver my new phone, but we weren't here, and they were unable to accept the last InfoNotice that we signed and stuck to the door because it requires a signature in person. The InfoNotice said that they would try to redeliver on Monday, but unfortunately, we are not going to be in town on Monday. So I called up the UPS people and they said they would hold it for me at the hub, but I would have to pick it up between 7:00 and 7:30. Remember that, it becomes important later.

Then I went swimming with two of my sisters and their kids. It was fun! I noticed (far too late of course) that during the course of shaving my chest (look, it makes things a lot more comfortable), I totally missed a spot. :S Oh well, it was still fun. I still suck at swimming, but it was amusing to goof off in the pool with my nieces and nephews.

Afterwards, we went (in swimsuits (with dress-type covers for the ladies for modesty's sake, tyvm)) to the Distribution Center because my sister needed to get a copy of the video Called to Serve. We also ended up getting several copies of the new First Presidency picture.

Then I came home again and we had dinner. And then I noticed that it was 7:08 and I still needed to pick up my cellphone from the UPS hub which is probably like 20 minutes away. HI-YO SILVER!!! I made it to like 20th West and 21st South or so in under 20 minutes, because I rule and there was no traffic. What time did the UPS hub close again? That's right, 7:30. And what time did I get there? That's right, 7:29, baby. I fetching rule.

And so does my new phone, as I discovered when I got it home and started playing with it. It has the capability to talk to wireless routers, and apparently whenever you're connected to a wireless router, your calls are free and don't count towards your airtime. And since it just so happens that we have a wireless router here... Score!

And then I watched Numbers, which I have definitely missed watching over the past two years. Good thing my sister got me a copy of one of the seasons I missed for my birthday. :D

And now you have made it to the very end of this very long post. Good job. You get a cookie. No, not a real one.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


So we just saw Kung Fu Panda. It was a pretty rad movie. Anything with Jack Black in it is bound to be amusing, and this did not disappoint. Also, look at the supporting cast: Angelina Jolie? Lucy Liu? Jackie Chan? I laughed a lot, I learned a valuable lesson in believing in yourself, and I thought the fight sequences were pretty rad. There's an enchanting cartoony feel to the whole movie - it doesn't take itself too seriously, which I liked. But before I turn into Movie Snob 3000, I will wrap this post up and tell you to just go see it.


You know your sister watches the Food Network a lot when...

Sam and Maddie (my niece and nephew) and I were leaving the grocery store yesterday after picking up some Creamies - during my two-year exodus to the land we call Ohio, I had forgotten just how delicious they are, but now I am happily reminded. As we were waiting to turn left out of the parking lot, Sam looks over at the car next to us and says, "That lady looks like Rachael Ray."

The crazy part is, she totally did.

Monday, June 23, 2008


So I have been back from my mission for almost a week and I am already scheduled to go out on an appointment with the missionaries tomorrow. It should be fun. If it falls through and they want to take me tracting, screw them, my ankle fetching hurts. ;)

EDIT: The lady called and rescheduled for Friday. Bum.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I guarantee that I could come up with a more creative title for this post, but holy fetch man, I am back from Ohio! Also, holy fetch man, I haven't slept since 3:00am Utah time Tuesday morning! Also, I may have given myself an avulsion fracture of the lateral malleolus since I have been back in Utah.

I know that all this information is likely very interesting and tantalizing to you, but forget you, I am sleeping for *at least* twelve hours straight. 14 if I can get it.