Wednesday, May 10, 2006

All my grades are in!
CS 3500: A-. I'm happy - I didn't do too well on a couple of homework assignments, but got huge bonus points on the last two.
Math 5210 (analysis): A-. HUGE RELIEF - the curve must have been really nice, because I really didn't do well in that one.
Math 5320 (algebra): A-. I'm pleased.
Math 5405 (cryptography): A. I did really well in the class, plus Savin loves me. :D
GPA: 3.764.
Overall U of U GPA: 3.734. Not bad!

*ahem* Now that I'm done bragging, allow me to say that the party for Kevin and Mary was awesome and that the rest of you slackers totally missed out. We played some ultimate frisbee, a really great game, 4v4. Brent and I had a cool midair collision. :D

The temple trip tomorrow doesn't look like it's going to happen (Mom and I are going to the family history library), but I think I will take Michelle up on her offer to go to the 10:00 (AM, of course) session on Friday.


Creativity Escapes Me said...

Can't wait.

You're freakin' brilliant.

Michelle 2021 said...

I got A- in Nutrition and Physiology, but I haven't seen my biology grade...and I don't want to...oy.
Good work, brother. Good work.

Laverna said...

I, too, am pleased with my grades. The history one could have been better, but then again I hardly studied for it (I found I don't like telecourse classes) and pulled off a B+. So a 3.74 ain't shabby. Also means I still keep my scholarship. And there was much rejoicing.

Laverna said...

p.s. Way to go, graduating early and whatnot! I'm jealous. I *should* be done by the time you're home . . . so not fair. :D