Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So, the temple was amazing.

I'm sure you're waiting for my usual poetic prose, describing my feelings in full, but unfortunately you're not going to get it, because words wouldn't work particularly well. I will say that it was pretty awesome, and that I want to go back like ten more times so I can figure out some of the things I might have missed. I'll let you all know (and probably on notpoo, where everyone actually reads all the time) when I'll be going next, in case you want to come too.

Turns out that Lizzie Markham was in the same session I was, so I ran into both her and Carrie at the temple. Crazy how those things happen.

And with that, I think I'm going to go to bed... that is, if my sheets are dry yet. (It was time for them to be washed and anointed (with laundry detergent).)


Michelle 2021 said...

Um...you might want to change that last part...um...yeah.

I'm so happy you loved the temple. Like sipping through a fire hose, I know, but it all makes more and more sense. And some things don't. But that's why we have a lifetime to go.

I'll be there on Friday morning for a wedding if you want to come do a session around 10 or so. Lemme know.

jeremy said...

Aaah, bed sheets right from the dryer and the temple. A round of warm fuzzies on the house! Michelle's absolutely right...we will continue to grasp for understanding the rest of our lives. Anyhow, let us know, I'd be happy to join you whenever.

Yakko Warner said...


Creativity Escapes Me said...

Can't wait.