Monday, November 17, 2008

The nature of God

I ran across a post today on a web forum I frequent. In it, the poster expressed his view that God created us, got bored, and moved on to more interesting things. I couldn't disagree more.

The God that I know is a God of miracles. Yes, even today. He is a God who answers prayers, who knows and loves each one of us individually and by name.

The God I know is the Creator, Preserver and Upholder of the universe, yet cares enough about my infinitesimal concerns to speak to me personally through His Holy Spirit, and I claim that this grand, sublime experience is available to all who will in faith call upon Him.

The God that I know is my heavenly Father, the epitome of fatherhood. Imagine the best possible Father ever - do you think such a Father would abandon His children? I don't, and I assert that He hasn't, and never will.

The God I know provides wise, loving guidance through my trials, if I only ask for it.

The God I know gives us wise commandments, not as fences or restrictions, but as guideposts and safety rails, to warn us away from things that will harm us.

The God I know possesses perfect love, all knowledge, and all power, and invites us to join Him and become like Him.

This is the God I know, and I invite everyone who reads this to come to know Him as I do.


red said...

What in the world could be more interesting than watching humans?

God is the Father that takes the place and fills the void that mortals take away from us through their agency.

red said...
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