Thursday, October 23, 2008


So I usually don't go in for political armchair quarterbacking (but when it comes to football armchair quarterbacking, COUNT ME IN!!), but I saw these on my friend Yakko Warner's blog, and thought I should share them.

No, the media's not biased.
Okay, so maybe a little.
NEWSFLASH: Biden is a moron. If Sarah Palin had made that comment, do you think the media would have ever let her live it down? Yeah, me neither. But when Biden says it, ohhhh, it's just Biden being Biden, ha ha, what a card, like for some reason it's okay that he's an idiot.

And if this was just an isolated occurrence, I would probably let it slide. But Hoover was president in 1929, not FDR, neither of them used TV to talk to the starving masses during the Great Depression (because nobody really had a TV until the late 1930s, and even then it was certainly not the starving masses), neither we nor the French ever drove Hezbollah out of Lebanon (and I doubt we ever will), and every time Joe Biden opens his mouth, I wait with bated breath for him to say something else retarded so I can laugh at him.

And this is the guy that Obama hired to bring experience (especially on foreign policy - right, Lebanon?) and wisdom to the campaign? Give me a break.

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Yakko Warner said...

Oh, we know what would happen if a Republican vice presidential candidate made a gaffe like that. We've already seen it.

Just ask Dan Quayle.