Saturday, September 06, 2008

A mathematical observation.

First of all, any subgroup of index 2 must be normal, so if 2 divides the order of a finite group G and you have an element of order |G|/2, G is not simple.

Secondly, and the *real* point of this post, mathematicians say "let" a lot, as in, "Let x be an element of G." It's entirely possible to read a proof as having a rather bossy tone: "Let x be in G. Don't you DARE not let x be in G. Take H = {e,x,x2,...} - Come on! TAKE IT!! Note that H is cyclic - and if you don't note it, you will be dealt with harshly." I wonder if anyone cowers when they read proofs because the tone interpretation section of their brain is a little bit broken.


Laverna said...

Um, yes. 2 + 2 = 4.

red said...

Laverna, there's more to this. Spencer looked at my license plate and laughed because "UDU" apparently is comical to math nerds. He explained it, and the sad thing is, I understood the words, but as a whole...I got nothin.

The Burntacular Blog said...

Please do not advertise your true nerdiness (cool word)!