Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today, I:
1) Got paid
2) Took my black suit coat to get it altered to fit more better
3) Finished my algebra homework (w00!)
4) Finished grading for the one Foundations class
5) Started AND finished my complex variables homework
6) Biked down a huge hill

All of these are in chronological order, except for one. Can you guess which element is out of order, and where it should really go?


Laverna said...

Um, finished and THEN started complex variables homework?
I biked up a large hill today. Why does the entire campus of USU have to be on a large and very steep hill?

Spencer said...

It's basically the same thing at the U. :/

The Burntacular Blog said...

How much was your paycheck? What are you going to buy me?

Spencer said...

Like $300, and probably nothing. When am I going to have time to buy you something? What should I get Dad for his birthday?

Yakko Warner said...

$300, eh?

Hmm, I can think of something that's about that much nowadays, and a lot of fun, too. :D

And it's something you can enjoy with your oodles of free time.... oh... um...