Monday, August 11, 2008


So today I went to Old Navy to exchange some jeans.

You see, I bought two pair of jeans when I returned home from my mission, seeing that both pairs I brought out with me had died a noble death from being worn 34682493 times. (That's a lot.) They seemed to fit adequately, and I went home relatively happy.

When I got home and actually wore the jeans more, however, I noticed that while they fit nicely in the waist and through the lower leg, they were so tight in the thigh as to make putting my wallet and cellphone in my pockets rather uncomfortable, if not positively onerous. I concluded that I had purchased somewhat defective pairs of jeans, and so resolved to exchange them.

So I arrived at Old Navy and found several pair of painter's jeans, the jeans I've been wearing for probably a good ten years. They have always treated me well, and have always been my favorite jeans. I went to the dressing room and tried them on. Being more well-informed this time, and knowing what to look for, I made sure to put my wallet in the pocket of each pair I tried on.

The results were rather disappointing. These jeans I tried on were just as tight through the thigh as the ones I was intending to return, and my wallet was pressed just as uncomfortably into my leg.

I have, therefore, postulated the following hypotheses:
a) Old Navy has changed their jean cuts to reflect the growing trend of lame emo kids wanting to wear girl pants, and therefore, even their "relaxed" fit jeans are now not as comfortable as they once were.
b) I developed over-large thighs from too much walking and biking on my mission.
c) Both a) and b).
d) Penguins are pretty cool, as are dinosaurs (especially the utahraptor).

I think we can throw out d), since it is clearly irrelevant to our current discussion, so I think that option c) is the most correct here. So, my faithful readers, I ask: Where can I go to buy jeans that are actually loose through the thigh, instead of just saying they are loose through the thigh while they are in fact conforming to the girl-pants trend?

Thanking you in advance,


Creativity Escapes Me said...

My sister's husband goes to the Gap and checks out the On Sale rack for his jeans.

My brother goes to Costco but I think price clubs are for planning parties and families of seven not jeans.

There's two options. Hope they help.

Laverna said...

I despise clothes shopping and try to go as infrequently as possible. That being said, here are my suggestions:
The first place I check when looking for clothes is the thrift stores. Might sound brand-lame, but we've had good luck finding stuff there. Equally important, it's cheap. Even Dan, with his extremely long legs (34 inseam) has found a couple pairs at Thrift Town on 33rd and 13th. That place tends to have stuff that's hardly (if at all) worn. I have found several pairs of older Gap pants there in pristine condition. If you don't like what you see (or, rather, don't see) then try again in a week. There's a pretty high turnover rate.
Should you not luck out or don't want to go that route, then you can also try going to Steve and Barry's. Dan's parents found him a pair of pants there (again, looks good but not lots'o'dollars) that I haven't heard any complaints about. I think the only on in S.L. is on 5600 S. and Van Winkle.
Good luck with the shopping!

red said...


I have the same problem, and I'm SUPPOSED to fit in womens jeans. I've been looking for months and no luck. Though Kohl's might be a good place to try. Or you could find a stylish man bag as an alternative to the in-pocket for the phone and wallet.

*Once again laughing at the image of Spencer carrying a man bag*

Creativity Escapes Me said...

I agree with red.

I think Spencer would benefit from the European Carry All.

Spencer said...

See, I'm totally down with that, and once the semester starts up, my backpack will probably double as a man bag.

Yakko Warner said...

Eddie Bauer tends to have some comfortable jeans, and occasionally on sale, too.

Also, the "Faded Glory" brand that Wal-Mart carries isn't too bad.

Michelle 2021 said...

Carhartt brand, available at Smith and Edwards. Definitely worth the drive. Or try Reams.

They are awesome. Awesome. They last forever.

Another name to remember is Riggs. Any farm supply store should have them. Again, worth the drive!!