Monday, July 21, 2008


First off, happy notes from today: I bought Erin's 4gig iPod nano for $90, and I just watched the Bourne Identity. Sweet movie, but I'm still kinda confused.

So today I decided I'd get crack-a-lackin' on the grad school application. Two-ish weeks ago, I emailed three of my old professors to see if they'd write me letters of recommendation. I still haven't heard from any of them. Since I had spare time and the car today, I decided to do some errand-running. First I went out to the community college to get some transcripts and see if my one math teacher was there, which she wasn't. Sweet.

Up to the U I go and knock on the three professors' doors. None of them answered. Excellent.

I went over to the undergrad advisor's office to see if she knew if any of them were in town, and she said she'd seen one of them, but hadn't seen the other in a long while and knew that the third was on sabbatical this past year. Great!

So then I went up to the department office to talk to the graduate program coordinator and ask her how late they would possibly process an application. She was busy when I first got up there, so I was chatting with the secretary (who still totally remembers me from when I was a student there), and she said that the one professor is in California and she's not sure if he's coming back, let alone when (Rad!). She said that she had seen the other two professors around, though, which is a small bonus.

Then the graduate program coordinator became un-busy. She said that the professor who reviews the applications is out of town and she doesn't know when he'll be back (Awesome!), and recommended that I ask the college admissions office to see when their absolute deadline is. And she would like my application across her desk in the next few days. Rock on!

So I head over to the admissions office, and find out that the absolute deadline is July 31, as in, a week from Thursday. Woo!

To sum: I have to get three letters of recommendation from professors who may or may not even be in the country, let alone the state, give them with my now-complete application for graduate school to the coordinator in the next few days, and hope that she can track down the chairman to have him review the application. Then I hope I get admitted to the mathematics program, and then I hope that all this happens before July 31 so I can get an application in to the college.

Make sure that if you leave a comment, that you leave it loud, so that I can hear it over the cold, icy tinkling noise of my shattering dreams.

okay fine it's not that bad, I can still get in next year, and I will still put in an application to be an undergrad student this year, I just really wanted grad school this semester.

Update: The professor who was in California just emailed me and said he won't be able to write a letter. Hoorah.

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Laverna said...

Do you have another prof. that could write you a letter?
I had to have three letters of recommendation for my teaching file and one of my professors never got around to writing one for me. Fortunately I had been teaching an elementary school orchestra and the principal there was more than happy to write one for me.
I hate getting letters of recommendation -- you always feel like you're being such a pest reminding people to write it for you.