Saturday, June 03, 2006

A story of bike defacement - with pictures!!

Several websites recommend defacing your bike to reduce the likelihood of it being stolen, especially if it is a new-looking, shiny mountain bike. Like this one, which just happens to be mine.

I decided that it was time for Mr. Bike to meet Mr. Blue Masking Tape and Mr. Krylon Ultra-Flat Black Spray Paint Can. Mr. Newspaper is just sort of along for the ride.

I decided to only paint the blue parts, saving the (much larger and more work-intensive) silver area for a later decision, after I see how it looks after the first painting. So, off comes the front wheel, and like an hour of masking stuff out later:

Now see, spray paint fumes are bad for you. The warning on the back of Mr. Krylon says that it contains ketones, hydrocarbon propellants, xylene, acetates, ethylbenzene and toluene, several of which can cause brain damage in high concentrations. I decided to protect myself, because I like my brain, thanks.


Some time and re-masking of areas that I'd missed before later, I've completed the paint job.

You can't see it very well in the picture (well, actually, you can't see it at all), but the finish is quite nice - it's a smooth, almost satiny-looking finish. In about ten minutes, I'm going to put another coat on, then let that dry, then remove the tape and decide whether it still looks shiny enough to merit painting the silver.


Michelle 2021 said...

It was a thing of beauty. Now it is a thing of ROCK!

Laverna said...

That is way cool Elder. You want to come do my bike next? Wait. It's so old no one would want to steal it anyways.

Laverna said...

Only problem is that your bike's so groovy cool now that people might steal it just for the custom paint job. :D