Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Update about this, that and also the other

My CS project is done and handed in, for which I am very glad. If I don't have to write another line of C++ for like two years, I think it'll be too soon.

The algebra final today went fairly well, but I'm still struggling with the analysis final - I have four problems left, and it's due Thursday. I'm starting to get nervous. I'm not in full panic mode, by any means, but I am twitching a little.

I got a new bike today, as a graduation and/or birthday present which JUST CONVENIENTLY HAPPENS to be something I need for my mission! Funny how that worked out. Unfortunately, I didn't get much time to ride it, but I was able to take it for a short spin through my neighborhood, and let me tell you what, it's a sheer pleasure to ride. Especially after riding my sister's 18-year-old bike around for the last week or so. If it wasn't dark right now, I would be sorely tempted to just go out and ride it. I'm looking forward to Thursday - when I go up to turn my final in, I'm going to ride my bike back. Not only will it be fun, but it will be an acid test to see what sort of shape I'm in. :D

In other news, I have an appointment to go to the temple on Tuesday the 9th to take out my endowments. I'm quite excited. Tomorrow we're going out to buy some garments and some other random junk I need.

That's about it. I think I'm going to go stare hopelessly at my algebra final for a while.


Michelle 2021 said...

What time on Tuesday? Could I randomly find myself in the same session?

Creativity Escapes Me said...

I say right on.

Spencer said...

Six in the P to the M, if you're bored.

I'm contemplating the idea of starting a weekly temple trip for all choir kids and especially bloggers.

Laverna said...

Yes! Mornings are better . . .