Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It would seem that they were only taking care of the cockatoo for some time, because it is gone. Perhaps back to its original owner, perhaps to that God Who gave it life. One way or another, I don't really care beyond the fact that the unearthly screaming has ceased.

ps. If it *has* gone home to the God Who gave it life, don't worry, it wasn't me.

pps. For only starting it yesterday, my pre-mission oration is coming along quite nicely.

ppps. It's back. ~x[


Creativity Escapes Me said...

No violence.

Spencer said...

Not *yet*, anyway.


Michelle 2021 said...

Remember, it's a test. And you can get ear plugs. Or if you want a real solution, try substitution. What do I mean?

I mean you can buy yourself the first or any season of American Idol, put it in the old player, and you'll want to go "Hulk Smashy" on those fatties instead of the bird.